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Village Community Centre Starting Soon

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Well known Auckland architects Sumich Chaplin are well underway with the design for the Village Community Centre.  This large building is to be known as the Beach House and will start in the third quarter of 2016. Matt Chaplin of Sumich Chaplin says “the brief is to create a community space which reflects the relaxed coastal lifestyle while retaining the feel of a private lodge.”

Sumich Chaplin previously designed Pacific Coast’s Summer House, the initial community building which has received numerous plaudits for its upscale look. The building gets photographed regularly by visitors and the interior design enjoyed by residents every day of the week.  The Beach House is designed to continue the resort theme but as a much larger version of the Summer House. It contains a reception, restaurant and bar, library and theatre, gym and wellness centre as well as administration and commercial kitchen facilities.

Progress on the design was possible after the village land area recently doubled in size, and resource consent was obtained for more villas, the Beach House and an aged care complex; comprising serviced apartments as well as rest home and hospital facilities.

The village expansion is to the west of the current site, between Maranui Street and the soon-to-be completed Grenada Street and is on another 20 acres owned by village partner Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporated.  The increased village area will ensure that the generous space around villas can continue to be maintained and allow the completion of the community precinct incorporating the Summer House, Pool and Beach House buildings.

With 40 acres of land situated right across from the beach, Pacific Coast will be one of the largest retirement villages in New Zealand once the expansion is complete – and probably the best located.


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