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Generus Living strives to make a difference in providing upscale sustainable living environments. We have developed a proactive and formalised strategic plan to embed sustainable practices throughout the organisation. Sustainability is a purposeful way of life, with a focus on wellbeing and health, as well as environment. We all have a role to play in building resilience in this changing world.

Our Sustainability Strategic Plan is underpinned by nine sustainability aspirations in the areas of Health & Wellbeing, Nature, Energy, Water, Waste, Community, Employment, Conversation and Innovation. 

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Leading the way

The passionate and committed team of Pacific Coast Village has successfully led an extensive sustainability pilot in the Bay of Plenty for Generus Living Group from the approach to waste minimisation, working with nature, water conservation to active education. Engaging in conversation across all stakeholder groups - our residents, team, suppliers, partners and wider community – has been critical element in our approach. 

Remarkable results have been achieved with the diversion of over 90% of the waste, including all green waste and operational food waste, from landfill. In addition, many further waste initiatives are underway, ranging from worm farms to soft-plastic and residential green waste separation. Pacific Coast Village is also part of Tauranga City Council Resource Wise programme - a programme designed to help organisations to reduce their waste to landfill.

Sustainability Images
Sustainability Images
Sustainability Images

We have also made significant changes in the way village grounds and gardens are managed. These include sourcing and managing water as well as selecting plant species that are less affected by pests and drought conditions. We have reviewed chemical use with only natural fertilisers now being used, and there are on-site worm farms and further composting facilities to process green waste. Investment into innovative irrigation software has helped reduce plant replacement costs through avoidance of over or under-watering.

Generus Living were recently recognised for this and announced as a finalist in the newly founded Retirement Village Association [RVA] Sustainability awards under APL Best Operator Led Sustainability Initiative category.

To learn more about our considered approach to wellbeing, sustainability and community spirit, read our Sustainable Retirement Living Newsletters:

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