"We were ready to give up the hassles of property maintenance but reluctant to trade our beautiful seaside home for anything less. When we first came to Pacific Coast Village we realised we didn’t need to worry at all. Here, we have a spacious and stunning home surrounded by beautiful gardens – and the beach is still just across the road."

Safe and secure

"We loved the idea of a safe and secure retirement village and we spent several years planning our move. We looked at all the villages in the area and decided Pacific Coast offered the best in terms of everything. We’re proud to call this home."

Peace of mind

"We came in early to the village to give our families the peace of mind that we would be absolutely fine for the rest of our lives. It was important to us that our children got on with their lives without feeling responsible for us."

Making friends

"I now have over 70 odd more friends than I had before I moved. Coming to Pacific Coast was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It’s resort-style makes me feel like I am on holiday, every day."


"One of the best parts about this village is the community. We’re a young-hearted bunch, we’re active, we’re interested and we keep ourselves fit and healthy. I think we all feed off each other’s energy and it makes for a very good life indeed."


"I’m always telling people don’t leave moving to a village too late. You need to be young enough to enjoy everything that village life has to offer. The activities, the facilities and the stress-free lifestyle here are superb."


"I enjoy seeing the management team out and about every day. They are part of our community. They keep the village in tip top shape and I know that they continuously look out for every single one of us."

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