Pacific Coast Care Centre - Te Manaaki

Pacific Coast Care Centre - Te Manaaki, is a very special addition to the Pacific Coast Village, setting new benchmarks in residential aged care. The Care Centre is a modern facility with 58 highly appointed care suites over two levels, offering rest home, hospital level, and dementia care.

The Care Centre places a significant emphasis on a personalised approach, where residents will take the lead in their own lifestyle and be supported by a collaborative approach between our multidisciplinary clinical staff and family. ​ ​

The name Te Manaaki denotes a place of support and care, where generosity and hospitality are tendered in an enveloping spirit of respect.​

Te Manaaki extended living spaces and amenity are substantial and have been carefully curated to present as highly residential, providing residents with choice of environment and a sense of home. ​ ​

There are variety of dedicated spaces to accommodate the needs and interests of its residents, all conveniently located within the Care Centre. Multiple lounges and dining spaces enable social engagement. There is a designated craft and activity room, a learning and sensory room, and a reflection lounge on each floor providing quiet spaces. There is also a dedicated wellbeing suite for visiting consultants and specialists.​

​Premier Care Suites​

The ground floor offers premier suites, these spacious and beautifully furnished residences are up to 56 square metres with heightened ceilings in the living areas to further add a sense of space and quality. ​ ​

Each premier suite includes a large kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator, adjoining a dedicated dining and lounge area. Integrated joinery features a 55-inch television and provides residents with storage and placement of their personal treasures. A stylish full tiled ensuite with luxury fittings and heated towel rail lead through to a walk-through wardrobe with built-in cabinetry. Residents can enjoy large opening doors to the landscaped courtyard and private patio.

Care Suites​

The upper floor of the Care Centre houses 38 standard care suites and spacious living areas for resident enjoyment. This elevated position affords the residences views across the village and beyond to the nearby landscape.​

Each suite boasts a wet bar with microwave and refrigerator for resident and family convenience. Elegant custom cabinetry houses a 50-inch television and a well-designed wardrobe with built-in drawers and shelving for personal dressing. A fully tiled private ensuite with high end fittings and heated towel rail complete this lovely residence.​

Innovation in Care

At Te Manaaki, we encourage a physically active and mentally stimulating lifestyle and strong social engagement to create a sense of purpose and meaning in a supportive environment.​ ​

We are focused on providing a tailored and enriching activity programme which can be personalised to the interests and needs of all residents. Our programme is reviewed regularly to ensure variety and is developed and run by our Activities Coordinator and Diversional Therapists with an input from our Physiotherapist.​ ​

Te Manaaki holistic approach adopts innovative care modalities and technology that discreetly yet dynamically enhance our residents’ wellbeing. Providing a truly comprehensive and unique care offering from hydrotherapy, Rendever Virtual Reality wellness sessions, interactive Tovertafel activities, music, art and pet therapy to name a few. 



The Pacific Coast Village has world class aquatic facilities. 

We have introduced hydrotherapy in our care programme and a number of Te Manaaki Care Centre residents partaking in regular aquatic activity and hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy provides a safe and effective environment for exercise and rehabilitation for our residents, helping to reduce pain, improve mobility and increase general wellbeing.



Rendever is a groundbreaking virtual reality [VR] platform specifically designed for senior living to increase the feeling of "thriving" within a community, fostering personal connections and delivering new experiences.

Residents can revisit meaningful places, share stories, stay engaged with family members and experience unforgettable moments. The VR experience is incredibly powerful, particularly among older adults experiencing cognitive decline, impaired vision or mobility restrictions. International research has strongly demonstrated Rendevers positive impact on mental health with a significant decrease in social isolation and depression scores. 

Generus Living Group is the first to introduce Rendever in New Zealand in all of its Care Centres. 



Tovertafel is an innovative tool from Netherlands that enables purposeful play using interactive games specifically designed to promote social, physical and cognitive engagement. Also known as the magic table - designed to be especially beneficial for those with dementia, residents interact with the animated lights, using their hands to play games such as jigsaws and memory games, which improves engagement; interaction; physical, social and cognitive activity; along with self-esteem, confidence and providing moments of happiness.

Research has shown the Tovertafel offers innovative ways to provide activities to people with moderate to severe dementia in long-term care settings, increase their quality of life, and improve interactions with staff.


Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy forms part of our regular activities calendar which allows residents to interact with range of animals.

Animal assisted therapy has been shown to have hugely positive results both in terms of reducing physical symptoms and in improving mental health in patients. Spending time with animals can lead to improvements in anxiety, depression and pain for people suffering from a variety of health issues. 

Te Manaaki is a pet friendly environment with family members often visiting with furry friends.


​Dining & Nutrition​

We are committed and passionate about providing all Pacific Coast Care Centre residents with a high-quality food offering. Our dining room has been designed to provide a delightful and refined experience.  All of our dishes are dietician approved, and prepared daily on site by The Grill culinary team using quality seasonal ingredients.

Personal choice of one’s daily food is important and meaningful. Our Care Centre residents are provided with a range of delicious menu options for each meal, where they can select and choose their preferred options.

We offer a regular cocktail hour in the lounge, where residents can enjoy an aperitif before dinner.

In addition, the Bloom Café in the adjacent Beach House has a beautiful café offering and is very popular among Te Manaaki residents and families alike.

Active & Engaged Lifestyle

The extensive and completed amenity on offer within the wider village, provide a unique experience and opportunity for our Care Centre residents. The village amenity has been designed to enable residents with higher acuity to participate and enjoy.

Our activity programme integrates these environs, whether it be through daily walks, movie sessions at the boutique cinema, sensory experiences or seasonal display.

We also experience mutual visitation between the village residents and the care facility, with many village residents affording their time to assist in activities. This creates an engaging and integrated living environment – “a community”.

The comprehensive activities programme extends to outings to the broader community in our purpose-built van bringing weekly delight. Coupled with the very popular armchair travel and Virtual Reality sessions with Rendever, the residents can truly explore the world.

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