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Completed Grenada Street link road will improve safety and ease congestion

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The completed Grenada Street link road was officially opened on Wednesday 27th July by Mayor Stuart Crosby.  The link road will play a significant part in improving traffic flow as well as safety.  Grenada Street, a major route between Papamoa and Bayfair, was until recently incomplete across a 400 metre portion which caused severe congestion on a daily basis at the front of Pacific Coast Village along Maranui Street.

Pacific Coast Village’s managing partner, Graham Wilkinson, says: “The road completion is wonderful news for our village residents as well as for anyone travelling the route. Traffic jams can cause driver frustration and can result in accidents at intersections.I’m delighted that our residents and visitors to the village will now be able to enter and exit the village safely onto Maranui Street. The completed section will also provide a second gateway to the village – further reducing traffic along Maranui Street. This road improvement will provide a lasting benefit for the communities of Papamoa and Mt Maunganui.”

In October last year Pacific Coast Village helped facilitate negotiations between Tauranga City Council and Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporated – the owner of the 400 metre strip of land. This resulted in Mangatawa donating the portion of land to Council to allow Grenada Street to be completed.


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