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All About Aged Residential Care in New Zealand

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If you or a loved one has a serious medical condition and needs around the clock care, then perhaps it is time to consider an aged residential care facility. There are many in New Zealand, and you may even qualify for a government-funded subsidy, making it simple and affordable to obtain the care and support you need.

What is aged residential care? 

Also known as a nursing home, aged residential care is  24/7 care for an elderly person with a high needs medical condition who needs to be monitored around the clock. They are generally for long-term stays and provide assistance with all aspects of life including bathing, dressing, medication, and diet.

Who owns and runs aged residential care facilities in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, aged residential care homes are owned and run by either commercial businesses, or not-for-profit groups. 

Aged residential homes that are owned by commercial businesses are often run by large businesses that own multiple homes across NZ. Not-for-profit aged residential homes are run by churches or charities and are typically individually run. 

Both types of aged residential homes are able to enter into a contract with the local DHB to provide medical care to those who live there. 

Main categories of aged residential care in New Zealand

There are multiple different types of aged residential care in New Zealand. 

Long-stay Hospitals

A long-stay hospital is for those who struggle to move around on their own, and need to be cared for by a nurse. This is a very high level of medical care.

Rest Homes

Rest homes are for those unable to live in their own homes, but are still able to complete some tasks. At a rest home, residents are provided with personal care and the level of support that they individually need. 

Dementia Unit

If you or a loved one is suffering from dementia, and you feel they may pose a risk to themselves or others, then a Dementia unit can provide the right care for them. Dementia units are also able to care for those suffering from mental illnesses other than dementia. 

Psycho-geriatric Units

Psycho-geriatric units are for the elderly who have severe dementia, addiction and behavioural problems. They receive a high level of care from specialist nurses. 

What services do aged residential care facilities usually provide?

Aged residential care facilities in New Zealand provide all sorts of services to residents.

As well as a place to live, you will be provided with all your food (and sometimes even a dietician), mobility equipment, organised recreational activities, entertainment facilities such as a television or radio and laundry services. 

On top of this, all aged residential care facilities must provide you with visits from your GP, prescribed medicine, transport to and from appointments, and registered nurses to care for you. 

As these services are provided in conjunction with the DHB, you can rest assured that they are of the highest standard possible. The services provided are designed to maximise your comfort and health during your time at an aged care facility. 

What services are covered by government funding and what's not?

The District Health Board (DHB) funds residential care homes in New Zealand for those who are assessed and deemed to have high needs that cannot be safely supported by the community. This is known as the residential care subsidy and covers all your living needs, including food, nursing, medication, GP services, and transport. You are able to enter aged residential care without an assessment from the DHB. However, this means that you must pay the full cost of the care, and none of the aforementioned services are government-funded.

Regardless of whether or not you are receiving government funding, there are a few things that you will always have to pay for yourself. These include personally employed dieticians, outside recreational activities, personal toiletries, personal phones and specialist visits that are not already publicly funded by the DHB.  

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