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Frequently Asked Questions & Advice

What does Pacific Coast Village offer?

Pacific Coast Village is a resort style village, ideally situated on Maranui Street, between Papamoa and Mount Maunganui – consistently voted one of New Zealand’s top seaside holiday spots. And for good reason! Its white sands, sparkling sea and year-round great climate make it a top lifestyle destination.

The village is just minutes from the great shops, cafés and restaurants of Mount Maunganui, right in between the two main shopping centres, Bayfair and Fashion Island, and just a little further to bustling downtown Tauranga. And of course, it’s just an easy 35-minute flight or relaxing morning’s drive to Auckland.

Pacific Coast Village offers a range of architecturally designed villas, generally larger than most retirement villages varying in size from 123m2 up to 176m2. Villas feature spacious dining and living areas flowing out to external patio, designed to make the most of the year round outdoor living which Papamoa is famous for. The Villas include internal access garaging and are finished to a very high standard with 100% solution dyed nylon carpets, bathrooms feature hard-wearing ceramic tiles with underfloor heating and your kitchen comes equipped with beautiful composite stone benchtops and the latest appliances. 

The Hikurangi Serviced Apartments are selling now. These well-appointed one and two bedroom serviced apartments provide an option for residents who need some assistance with everyday domestic tasks e.g. cleaning and cooking. Assisted living packages start with a minimum service package and additional services can be supplemented as required to cater for residents’ changing needs.

A Care Facility providing Rest Home and Hospital level care is also being developed at the village which will complete the facilities.

What facilities are available at the Village?

The centre piece of the village is the Beach House, designed by award winning architects Sumich Chaplin as a central community hub for all of the residents of the village. This multi-purpose building is designed to speak to its coastal setting. The Beach House features the all‐day Bloom eatery and lounge, the Grill a la carte restaurant, Beach House bar, craft room, activity room, movie theatre and hair salon as well as a range of general activity areas.

The Summer House, reflects an iconic kiwi beach house emphasising the laidback lifestyle Pacific Coast Village offers.  The Summer House includes a lounge and library, complete with fireplace and television, pool table, kitchenette and dining area.

The Summer House opens out onto an international sized Greenweave bowling green, one of the largest ‘tiger turf’ bowling greens of any retirement village in New Zealand.  Enjoyed by both residents and visiting bowlers with tournaments and invitations extended to local bowling clubs and other retirement villages who participate in a game or two followed by a social get together in the Summer House. 

The Pool Pavilion includes a 25 metre indoor swimming pool and hot tub.  A modern gymnasium containing a comprehensive range of equipment is located next to the Beach House.

The beach boardwalk provides residents with easy access to the white sands of Papamoa Beach.

What is the difference between a villa and a serviced apartment?

Villa living offers an independent, self-sufficient lifestyle.  This is complemented by various community facilities, management and an emergency call service.  Serviced Apartments provide an option for residents who need some assistance with everyday domestic tasks e.g. cleaning and cooking.  Assisted living packages will start with a minimum service package and additional services can be supplemented as required to cater for residents’ changing needs.  A range of service packages have been developed.  

What activities are available?

We are focused on providing access to a range of optional, organised activities and regular events and outings, offering you the freedom to be as active and as social as you choose. Whatever your interests, there will be something for you to enjoy. An example of some of the activities available include:

  • Organised social outings
  • Happy hour
  • Aqua Aerobics
  • Rummikub
  • Village van
  • Themed social events
  • Line dancing
  • Bowling tournaments

We encourage residents to provide suggestions to further enhance the variety of activities offered.

When should I think about moving to Pacific Coast Village?

If you are reading this, you have probably already given some thought to moving to a village. So many times residents tell us that they should have moved to a village earlier than they did. We believe that you should move while you have plenty of time to enjoy the facilities and make new friends. A village is like going on holiday every day. Why wait, especially when the current housing market allows an easy transition.

Can friends and family stay with me?

Of course; your villa is your home. However, if you wish your friends to stay more than a month, we request that you first obtain written consent from the Manager.

What happens to my home when I go on holiday?

It is your own home and therefore you may come and go as you please. One of the many advantages of this lifestyle is that you can go on holiday and know that your home will be secure and maintained.

Will my independence and privacy be respected?

At Pacific Coast Village you will have a choice of an active social lifestyle, or a more discreet private lifestyle as you prefer. You choose if and when you partake in village activities, but are always secure both physically and emotionally with help just minutes away, 24-hours a day.

We think that your villa is your home and that all residents need to be treated with courtesy and respect and have a right to be communicated with in a fair and transparent manner.

The success of the Village is dictated not only by the physical property but by the reputation of the management. If you are not happy at any time, we expect you to either advise us, or discuss the matter with the Resident’s Committee to ensure we are fully aware of any issue and can respond accordingly.

Are pets allowed at the village?

While there is a general policy of discouraging pets, we realise that an animal can provide considerable companionship. Therefore, consideration is given on a case-by-case basis to allow residents with a small dog or cat to bring these to the village for the remaining life of the animal.

Am I able to maintain the garden area around my home?

Residents will have the option of maintaining the garden around their home themselves or having the village gardeners carry out this for them.

What security is provided at the village?

Security includes onsite management during business hours, and close circuit television systems covering key areas in the village. Security is further supplemented by regular security patrols at night, and on call staff.

Will help be available if needed?

Our villas have an emergency call system available supported by modern monitoring and alarm systems. Each home has several call buttons that when pressed in an emergency, activate a support call to ensure that the appropriate level of assistance can be rendered.

In addition, various levels of assistance will be available in the Hikurangi Serviced Apartments that residents may choose, including meals, room servicing, and personal assistance depending on the support package selected.

The care facility planned for the village will provide rest home and hospital level care, completing the care offering at Pacific Coast Village. Pacific Coast residents will also have access to the complementary memory assisted centre intended to be developed at Pacific Lakes Village.

What expenses will I be responsible for?

We maintain everything outside of your villa and all grounds and the village facilities.

You are responsible for your private utility charges such as Sky to your villa, electricity, telephone, insurance premiums for your personal contents insurance. You will also be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the interior of your villa.

Will I have a say in the running of the Village?

Residents are always welcome to talk to the Manager about any aspect of the operation of the Village.

In addition, the Residents’ Committee meets regularly with the Manager and will raise any issues on your behalf. The Committee plays an important role by providing resident feedback to village management, ensuring we maintain our high standards.

Complaints Policy

We are committed to ensuring that residents enjoy their residency at the Village. Residents have the right to raise a concern at any time, verbally and in writing, and to receive a response within a reasonable time frame.  In the first instance, your concerns should be raised with the Village Manager who will work with you to resolve the problem.

The Retirement Villages Act provides a two-tiered dispute resolution system: a complaints facility operated by the village and an independent dispute panel resolution procedure. Retirement village operators must have a written complaint policy that complies with the Code of Practice. The policy must be available in common areas for residents or intending residents to access or view at any time, and be available on the retirement village's intranet or website. An operator must offer to give a copy of the complaint policy to a resident who advises it wishes to make a formal complaint, and to an intending resident or resident at any other time upon request.

To view a copy of the Policy click here.

Is there regular financial reporting to residents?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 has specific disclosure and reporting requirements to residents. The Village is required to submit a financial report to all residents at the resident’s Annual General Meeting. This report includes the prior year profit and loss accounts and coming year forecast. These accounts are audited and are reviewed by the Statutory Supervisor.

Who makes sure I receive what I pay for?

Covenant Trustee Services Limited is Pacific Coast Village’s Statutory Supervisor and has been appointed under a Deed of Supervision to ensure that the Village meets its obligations to you. These obligations will be clearly described in your Occupation Right Agreement and the Disclosure Statement.

What is the Statutory Supervisor’s role?

The Statutory Supervisor acts for numerous retirement villages throughout New Zealand. The Statutory Supervisor’s role includes receiving all monies from residents, overseeing the management and development of the village, reporting to residents and answering any questions they may have about the village operation. The Statutory Supervisor represents the residents.

Under what arrangement are villas and serviced apartments available?

The villas and serviced apartments are available under an Occupation Right Agreement (“ORA”) sometimes called a Licence to Occupy. The ORA gives you the right to occupy your home at Pacific Coast Village. This type of agreement is common to almost all retirement villages throughout New Zealand and is governed by the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

Under the ORA you do not gain a title but you gain the right to occupy your home and to access the various village facilities. There are various protections for residents including a first ranking mortgage over the Village title in favour of the Statutory Supervisor. Pacific Coast Village is registered as a retirement village with the Registrar of Retirement Villages.

Your Solicitor must explain your rights and obligations created by the ORA and you can only validly sign the ORA when witnessed by your Solicitor.

What security do I have?

The village has an “Encumbrance” registered over the village title in favour of a Statutory Supervisor. This means that the village cannot be sold or disposed of in any way without their permission.

The entire security position is regulated under the Retirement Villages Act 2003 which was designed to ensure residents are fully secured.

What costs are involved?

There are three costs involved in a retirement village. These are:

Entry Payment /ORA

The Entry Payment is the capital sum paid for your home. It is paid when you move to Pacific Coast Village and it is refunded to you or your estate, less the Village Contribution when you leave the Village, regardless of whether the value of the home has increased or decreased.

Village Contribution

Providing a range of accommodation, resident facilities and village infrastructure comes at a significant capital cost and requires ongoing reinvestment for refurbishment and upgrade of accommodation, facilities and infrastructure, and replacement of capital items for the enjoyment of residents today and in the future.

The Village Contribution, also referred to in the industry as the deferred management fee shares these costs equitably among residents. This is not an additional upfront fee as it is only payable when you leave the Village and is deducted from the original entry payment amount when refunded to you or your estate.

The Village Contribution accumulates at the rate of 6.0% in the first year and 12.0% in years two and three on the Entry Payment amount, calculated on a daily basis. Once you have lived in the Village for more than three years, there is no further accumulation, i.e. the maximum amount deducted from the Entry Payment is 30%. Once the Village Contribution is fully accumulated, it will not be charged again.

Weekly Fees

There are two types of weekly fees; Village Tariff and Service Fees.

Residents are required to pay a weekly Village Tariff which is a contribution toward the general costs of operating the Village including rates, building insurance, exterior maintenance, village management and administration and the operation of the community facilities.

The Village Tariff, which is set at the time you enter the Village, will not increase during your occupation, protecting you from any increases in the Village’s operating costs. The Village Tariff is currently set at $179 per week.

The service fees pay for the level of services you may require e.g. meals and unit cleaning.

Do I pay exit costs twice if I move from one type of unit to another, e.g. a villa to a serviced apartment?

No, any exit costs deducted from leaving your first unit will be credited to you in your next unit so that you do not pay twice.

Who manages Pacific Coast Village?

Generus Living Group Limited, a Christchurch based company is developing and operating Pacific Coast Village.

Carl Braddock is Pacific Coast Village’s Village Manager. Carl has a long background of both asset and hotel management, with experience in the leisure and resort industries. A veteran within hospitality in both New Zealand and Australia, Carl has significant experience in operations and customer service and is responsible for the day to day operation of the village.

Who is Generus Living Group Limited?

Generus Living Group Limited is a Christchurch based company with over 20-years’ experience in retirement villages. Graham Wilkinson is the director and owner of Generus Living Group Limited and is also the President of the Retirement Villages Association.

Generus currently has villages in prominent locations throughout New Zealand including The Russley Village and Holly Lea Village in Christchurch, Ranfurly Village in Auckland and Pacific Coast Village in Mt Maunganui.

Generus Living Group is also responsible for Pacific Lakes Village just across the road. While Pacific Lakes will have its own facilities, there is also a reciprocal arrangement whereby the residents of each village are permitted to use the facilities provided in both villages, with all residents complying with the rules and regulations of the respective village as advised.

Who is the Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporation and how are they involved?

Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporation (Mangatawa) is a Maori Incorporation that was formed on 27 May 1957 with a total land holding of approximately 750 acres. The partnership between the land owners, Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Incorporated and Generus Living Group Limited, includes a 150 year lease on the land of which the village is located. Under Occupation Right Agreements ownership of land is not an issue as ownership does not alter.

Is there government legislation regulating retirement villages?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 and its regulations are designed to protect residents’ interests and set out the basic standards for operating a village. These include disclosure of information to intending and existing residents, protections around residents’ financial interests, the details of termination arrangements, the relationship between the owner, methods of dispute resolution for residents, and residents’ rights.

More information about the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and its regulations can be found on the Commission for Financial Capability Website:

Is Pacific Coast Village registered under the Retirement Villages Act 2003?

Pacific Coast Village is registered as a retirement village with the Registrar of Retirement Villages.

Pacific Coast Village is registered as a retirement village under the Retirement Villages Act 2003.

Registration Date: 27 July 2009

Registration Number: 2293940

What is the Code of Practice?

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 requires a village to observe the Code of Practice which sets out minimum standards for operating a retirement village. These include: 

  • Staffing of the Village
  • Safety and personal security of residents
  • Fire protection and emergency management
  • Transferring residents within a village
  • Meetings
  • Complaints
  • Accounts
  • Maintenance and upgrading
  • Terminating the Occupation Right Agreement by either the operator or resident
  • Communications

A copy of the Code of Practice will be provided to you when you complete an Application for an Occupation Right Agreement.

How do we proceed if we wish to secure a villa?

Just talk to Sonia Penman. Sonia has years of experience in the retirement village industry and understands the requirements of residents and what is important to them. She will fully explain options, prices or any additional queries you may have. 

Contact:              Sonia Penman
Mobile:                021 913 504
Office:                 07 572 3029 

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